Burmese Design and Architecture
By John Falconer

About the Author

John Falconer is a curator at the British Library and is the author of A Vision of the Past, the first detailed history of photography in Singapore and Malaysia. Luca Invernizzi Tettoni is a world-renown photographer who has lived in and worked in Asia since 1973. He specializes in books on aspects of Asian culture, architecture and landscape. His books include The Arts of Thailand, The Tropical Garden, and Filipino Style: his work also appears frequently in Asian, European, and American Magazines.

Book Description

The Burmese tradition of architecture, art and design is ancient, diverse and wonderfully rich. A reflection of a civilization unbreached by European powers for 3,000 years and influenced by China to the north and India to the West, Burmese design is interwoven with spiritual, religious and political messages. It is only now that this tradition is coming to be appreciated by Western students of architecture and design.

Burmese Design and Architecture will deepen and enhance that appreciation, for this is the first book to capture the entire span of Burmese design, from arts and crafts to architecture, from the monumental pagodas of Bagan to the architectural heritage of contemporary Rangoon. Covering both religious and secular design, this book offers expert insights provided by leading archaeological experts in this field. With 500 full-color photographs, this is a major work-and a must-have for serious connoisseurs of architecture, design or Myanmar itself.

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