Flavors of Burma: Myanmar: Cuisine and Culture from the Land of Golden Pagodas
By Susan Chan

A Reader's Review:
I bought this sight unseen, and without the benefit of any other user reviews to guide me. I'm not dissappointed.

It only has "76 enticing recipes" in it, but they are well laid out. The first 48 pages are background information, and I like having those things in cookbooks.

I feel that the two best features this cookback has are its hardback cover, and its lack of color photos. Hardback books are always better than paperbacks, and to me color photos in a cookbook always seem to imply that they are trying to cover up other defecienies with flashy pictures that will distract people. There are a few pictures, but they are B&W, and not the major focus of the book.

I haven't made any recipes yet, but the recipe layout is one I have never seen before. It appeals to me typographically because of its interesting approach. It looks clean, and easy to read, and I hope more cookbooks emulate the style.

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1999 Myriam Grest Thein